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If your mission-critical facility does not already have surge protection equipment installed we highly recommend it. If you are not sure if your system has them installed we can inspect your installation to ascertain this. It is a small price for additional peace of mind.

Corporate Electric is the authorized dealer for Liebert and Eaton, who offer wide range of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).

IEEE recommended practice is to achieve tiered protection by installing SPD equipment on the service entrance equipment; distribution panels; load centers and end-user equipment.

The power line that supplies your computer with electricity also carries the seeds of your computer's destruction. In an instant, voltage surges originating from the power utility supply can destroy the circuits inside your computer system. Surges can also come from external sources and the most destructive can be a lightning strike. A direct hit can deliver thousands of volts and amps. But lightning does not have to strike your facility to do significant damage. Via mutual induction, any conductive circuit within a few miles of a lightning strike can still experience a several-thousand-volt transient, leaving electrical circuit panels and everything connected to them vulnerable to power surges. The surge from a lightning strike can induce high voltages that enter your building via utility lines, buried electrical conductors or water pipes.

Although the power line is the most obvious source of high-voltage surges, any wire connection between your computer and the outside world can carry surges into your system. Surges creeping in through the telephone line carrying modem signals can be particularly devastating because your computer has less protection against them. Surges on your network cable, although unlikely, can take down an entire workgroup. Surges, however they get into your computer, are the most likely cause of catastrophic failure.

Few solid-state devices can tolerate much more than twice their normal voltage rating. Data-processing equipment can be affected by relatively small amplitude, fast changes in voltage. The surge suppressor is your first line of defense against power-line surges. By literally cutting surges down to size, it protects your computer from potential damage.

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